Our mission is to help our Sponsors bring new compounds to market sooner and within a fixed budget.

Our vision is to create long term relationships with our Sponsors from early stage optimization to regulatory toxicology approval, as a reliable and specialised laboratory providing high quality data with a proven track record and a personalised touch.


Animal Welfare and Ethics

In the last century, many lifesaving advances in medicine were made possible following discoveries using animal research and development, such as treatments for cancer, osteoporosis, and rare diseases.

Animal testing still remains crucial to saving more human and animal lives and our responsibility is to help our sponsors bring new safe and effective medical findings to those who need them.

We accept the moral obligation that animals in our care are treated with all applicable regulatory rules and with the highest standard of respect and compassion and ensure the validity of our scientific research.

All of the ICP Firefly team hold to these principles:

1. We treat animals in our care humanely and with the respect they deserve. We highly respect the contribution of all research animals bred and used at ICP Firefly and treat them with the consideration they deserve.

2. We follow the Australian code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes (8th edition 2013) and will ensure that our suppliers follow the same standards.

3. We ensure to use alternative scientific methods instead of animal use where appropriate and acceptable.

4. We ensure that all researchers are trained sufficiently, and show respect towards animals prior to being authorised to work within our team.

The ICP Firefly Animal Ethics Committee

The ICP Firefly Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) independently reviews the conduct of studies to ensure all ethical obligations are satisfactorily met.

ICP Firefly's AEC is accredited with the NSW Department of Primary Industries, Australia. It operates in accordance with the requirements of the Australian Code of Practice for the Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes. As such, the principles of Replacement, Reduction and Refinement are employed.

As a nonclinical facility, we accept the moral obligation that animals in our care are treated with the respect, love and compassion they deserve and adhere to all relevant regulations to minimise stress to animals in our care.