Company Overview

ICP Firefly is an independent contract research laboratory established in Australia.

We are at the forefront of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) certifications in Australia for our extensive nonclinical development experience. The adoption of GLP as an integrated business management tool demonstrates our capability and elevates the validity and quality of test data generated by ICP Firefly. The system encompasses organisational processes and the way in which studies are planned, undertaken, monitored, recorded, reported, and delivered to the Sponsor. Our Ethics committee independently reviews the conduct of the studies to ensure that all ethical obligations and issues are satisfactorily met.

All ethically approved experiments conducted at our high quality premises are designed to meet the Sponsor's requirements. Whether the Sponsor requires safety studies, a package for submission to regulatory authorities (EU, TGA, USFDA, ECHA, NICNAS) or data to claim substantiation, our expertise ensures that the Sponsor receives the guidance of a structured, well thought out development process.

ICP Firefly is committed to making a positive difference to our community by identifying novel approaches to research and improving lives through science.

Commitment to Quality

ICP Firefly is committed to providing a high quality service in compliance with the OECD Principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) under the compliance monitoring authority NATA.

NATA is recognised by the Commonwealth Government under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) as the Australian GLP compliance monitoring authority.

Under the Mutual Acceptance of Data (MAD) directives, data generated by a facility recognised as GLP compliant by the national GLP compliance monitoring authority, shall be accepted internationally for purposes of assessment by OECD member countries and non-member countries which are adherents to the MAD decision.

All our studies are audited by the ICP Firefly QA unit according to the requirements of the OECD GLP Principles.

ICP Firefly is the most experienced Australian GLP Facility for the conduct of toxicity studies in Australia, operating under NATA's Compliance Monitoring Program since 1999.

Commitment to Quality

Managing Director/CEO

ICP Firefly is an independent contract research laboratory built around our clients' needs.

Managing Director Dr Isabelle Meyer-Carrive's philosophy focuses on providing a service that benefits the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries by providing a tailored protocol with high quality data.

Our mission is to help our Sponsors to bring their new discoveries to the market faster within a fixed budget.